Monday, March 25, 2013

Fruit Looks Like Brains! (And Story of a Gunman)


Always such a pleasure to talk to you!  Mondays are superb.  I kinda realized I'm not very good at answering the questions you ask . . . So here ya go!  HA!  We eat three weird fruits here.  They are called Mora, Lulo, and Maracuya.  Ha wait til you see the inside of a Maracuya.  It looks like brains!  But it's all super good.  We make juice with them a lot.  
We had one more baptism this week.  Her name is Rosa.  I don't know her story because she already had a baptism date when I got here.  But we are teaching her son tonight, so hopefully we can baptize him, too.
We meet in a normal church building, but it's in a pretty dangerous part of the neighborhood.  It's just in a ghetto part of the city.  But the church is right next to the highway so nothing bad is going to happen.  DON'T WORRY!!  But none the less.  I think there are more people in this ward than we have in Fairview.  And with new people constantly being added!  Ha!
Today was awesome! We went and played soccer with the ward.  Ha the ward parties here are so much fun!  Everyone dancing and eating some food, and chit chatting a little bit!  And soccer is so intense! But I was able to keep up just fine!  I got super crazy bad burned though.  OUCH. 
So I spilled on my pants a while back and had to wash them.  They got all stretched out, so I had a guy fix them.  They're pretty super skinny now!  HAHA!  But I like them.  Also Brian's suit pants were way big for me.  So I had him fix those, too.  Super skinny as well!  I look good though!  I got a haircut today also!  I am working on getting this photo situation settled so ya´ll can see my pretty face! HAHA.
But anyways.  Nothing too much more has happened.  Just your basic lesson teaching and learning more Spanish everyday!  Much love to you and everyone!  I hope all is still going well!  

- Elder Anderson

[This next e-mail is what Kyle wrote to Brian today!]

Dude. Plain weeks are boring. But I gotta tell you a story of what happened yesterday. But don't tell mom. We almost got robbed. Freaking. We were waiting for the jeep to come and this kid pulls up on his motorcycle. Comes up to us, pulls a gun out and tells us to give him our money. We said we didn't have any. But I had some in my pocket. Freaking kid reaches in my pocket. Grabs my money. Lets go of it like he didn't even feel it and then just keeps telling us to give it to him. We emptied out backpacks and everything. Freaking this is where it gets crazy man! Two guys came out of nowhere and started talking to him. I thought they were just going to tell him to leave but NO! They freaking grabbed him from off his motorcycle and beat the freaking tar out of him. Right there in front of me and Elder Flores. I mean. This is what you see in the movies and video games. Not right in front of your face! They knocked him out, stole his motorcylce, asked if we were ok, and were to never be seen again. Freaking wow! Crazy stuff man. Angels exist!

- Elder Anderson

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