Monday, April 1, 2013

More About the Gunman

Have you heard the saying, Days turn into weeks and Weeks turn into days?? HA! Crazy it's already Monday again!  We had a pretty spectacular week here in Campo! Thunderstorms here are awesome!  So loud and crazy!  Ha the other day we made homemade popcorn.  Turned out pretty awesome!

First I'll talk about the gun guy from last week.  He had his gun in a little fanny pack and didn't pull it out all the way.  But I saw that it was fake, so I wasn't too nervous.  They tell us in these situations to just give the guy some money and then tell the president and you get reimbursed.  I'm not sure why he didn't take my money.  He had a glove on so he must not have felt it.  I didn't mind though!  The two guys were huge!  Once they started beating him up, out of nowhere like 10 more guys came out and helped.  The gunman was a little twig.  Maybe 20 years old.  I easily could have taken this guy.

Everything was said in Spanish, but I understood everything because the only thing he was saying was DAME SU DINERO.  Pretty easy to pick up.  Especially when he was trying to get it.  We kinda just stood there in amazement as he was getting beat up.  This happens in video games and movies . . . not in real life!  Ha.

We didn't tell the mission president because nothing happened to us.  But we waited around for the cops.  I don't know how, but this kid got up and was all up in our faces because he thought we knew the guys who stole his motorcycle.  There were lots of people there by then, so nothing got too crazy.  It happened at about 7:00 at night.  Right after it was dark.  It was actually right by the church.  We had a meeting there and were waiting for the jeep to take us back to Campo. 

I was pretty calm through the whole thing.  If he would have started something, I would have punished him.  It hasn't really affected us too much because these things just always happen.  It's usually not a good idea to try beating someone up because almost always they have a group of buddies watching to make sure things go smoothly.
We had a sweet fast to help us find new investigators.  It's hard fasting cause all of our investigators offer juice.  Ha we had to turn it down like four times!  But it's okay.  We have an investigator named Henry.  He is like your ideal investigator.  Loved the restoration. Loved the Book of Mormon.  And he is coming to conference with us next week.  I think conference is live . . . I'm not sure. We're just going to the stake center which is about a half hour away to watch it.  
We have another investigator named Rosio.  She is so cool!  Single mother with two kids.  Today we bought her a hymn book and a complete Book of Mormon/Doctrine and Covenants!  It was so cool to see her face when she received it!!  Just another example that I really need to be more thankful for the things that I have. 
Personal study is probably my favorite part of the day!  It's for an hour in the morning.  Right now I'm in Alma.  Alma the younger is such an awesome man!  I wanna be like him.  He teaches with such power!  Like in chapter 5.  Perfect!!
Testimony meetings here are awesome!  There is never a silent moment.  EVERYONE wants to share!  And this week they just got back from the temple in Bogota.  The temple is about 12 hours away.  They were gone for four days and it's a pretty big chunk of change, so usually not the whole family goes.  They are so so thankful and it made me realize how much I take the temple for granted.  
The way computer time works here is kinda like . . . the houses are pretty small, but everyone has some sort of shop.  So yeah, we are in an internet cafe type deal.  There are about eight computers in here.  We have an hour.  We do it at the end of the day because we're all dressed up and at 6:00 we gotta go out to work again.
We had some sweet burgers for lunch.  They put beef, chicken, and all sorts of mess up in there. SO GOOD!  Also, when they have refreshments they go all out.  Ha not just your basic cookies and stuff.  We're talking sandwiches and soda! HA so good.  We didn't have a baptism this week, but it's okay.  
Another thing. Check this out for personal revelation.  Not too long ago I was reading in D&C 31.  I substituted my name for Thomas.  AND IT'S AWESOME! Give it a try!
But anyways.  Love ya Momma!! And until next week!!
Pero esta bien!  Mucho amor Mamma!!  Hasta proxima semana!

- Elder Anderson 

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