Monday, March 4, 2013

Eat Like Champions!

Hey Momma! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  Geez.  You and dad are just so lucky that I got to e-mail both of you on your birthdays!  Ha!  Hope it has been a good one!
We lose so much weight because estamos siempre sudoroso!!  HA!  We are always sweaty.  The members feed us like champions!  And we usually just have cereal and whatever else for breakfast and dinner.  We eat tons of rice. And meat. And Beans. And fried bananas. I like the bananas a lot.   And actually everything is just really good.  I think I might be losing a little bit of weight because I work out every morning and then sweat all day.  I think my face is looking skinnier.  But I won't know until 22 more months! HA!  
But anyways.  Not much has happened this week.  We confirmed three baptism dates, so that's good. We got another new companion though, so I'm in a trio again.  His name is Elder Jones from California.  He is pretty cool.  
We went up to a place called Three Crosses today.  That was awesome! Sweet view of Cali (it's up on the side of the mountain), and just totally beautiful.  The ride up and down was super scary because we took a really crappy bus up the mountain that was really steep.  But we lived, so everything is okay!  After that we went and bought some snacks and cards and went to the church with our zone and played.  It was pretty fun!  We spent the rest of the day cleaning the apartment and what not.  Nothing too serious happened this week.  
Any more details about your weeks? I would love to hear! HA!  But anyways.  Love ya much! 

- Elder Anderson

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