Monday, March 18, 2013

70 Pushups and three baptisms!

It's good to hear everything is good!  Things are good here, too!!! We had three baptisms on Saturday.  Ana, Camilo, and Estavan.  Camilo and Estavan are brothers.  Ana is 50... Something.  HA!  I baptized Camilo!  Didn't even mess up!  It was awesome!  The Spirit is so strong!  Also when they get confirmed the next day.

My companion knows English pretty sweet so it helps me learn Spanish!  We can communicate in both languages so that's pretty awesome!  Sometimes I have a hard time understanding investigators cause they slur the words.  But for the most part it's coming!

Yesterday after church we got pounded by the rain! It was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!  The streets were flooding up, but it's cool because they have these huge vent things that drain all the water!  Crazy cool.  We're probably gunna get hit again tonight!!

So there is this thing called CAPTAIN MORONI.  It's a thing where if you baptize more then 10 people in 3 months you get it.  Me and Elder Flores are totally going to do it!  First transfer!  HA!

Oh YEAH.  Does the bank know I'm in Colombia? Cause I don't wanna try getting money out and have the cops come after me!
[I asked Kyle about some pictures I saw on the mission blog of elders and the mission president doing push-ups.]  I did a bunch of pushups.  Like . . . 70 I think.  I can't remember.  HA!  But we wrote down how many we can do no matter what.  Then a new goal.  And then how much we actually did.  I put down 35 pushups, no matter what, and 50 for my goal.  Totally smashed it doing 70!  HAHA!  But anyways.  It is significant to our goals for our investigators.  So we made goals of how many investigators we are going to get no matter what. That's what the compromisos is.

 But anyways.  Today was kinda a boring day.  We took a taxi across town to the office to get something for Elder Flores.  Then it was back to the apartment to.... Sleep.  HA! It's days like today where I feel fat.  Cause I get so bored so I just eat.  But then the rest of the week I know I'm skinny again. HAHA! 

That's awesome about RHETT!!!!!! [His friend, Rhett Bird, got his mission call to Spain!  He leaves July 24, 2013!]  I'm so freaking happy right now!!! YES!  I wanna write him so hook me up with his e-mail.  I can write Abdiel, too.  The rules are write Momma first.  Then President.  And if I have time after (which I always do)  I can write friends.  So yeah!

But anyways.  Nothing to much more has happened.. So until next WEEK!

Much love to all of you!

- Elder Anderson

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  1. I just adore this boy!! :) Send him our love!!! Yeah, yeah, we'll send him some of our own too!! :)


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