Monday, January 7, 2013

Leaving the Provo MTC

Nice testimony momma! Through these past couple weeks my testimony has been very much strengthened too! Tomorrow is the big day. We are spending all of today packing and cleaning and just your basic house keeping needs of missionaries leaving. 

Yesterday was such an amazing day. It's a lot easier to fast in the MTC haha. And when you have a purpose.  I also went to the temple today.  Me and Elder Peart had to run the whole way there!! We were late cause I had to get some more shots (be expecting a bill in the mail) and we ended up being late anyways. But the session was still good! I don't know how much I like the video endowment session though.  I would much rather have it be the live walk through one.  Still a great experience.  I'm glad that I got to do one last English session before I go to Colombia and everything is in Spanish. 

Speaking of which, I'm leaving tomorrow.  So I will be calling tomorrow.  Probably pretty early.  Like 6 or 7 I'm guessing.  So you know. Be awake and stuff.  Make sure the whole family is there.  And if you feel inclined to invite Rachelle I wouldn't mind that one bit either.

Have you heard about the whole flu thing that broke out here? It's like WW3! We had to do everything we possibly could to stay alive and I've had a cold the entire time! So I'm pretty lucky that I didn't end up catching it. 

But anyways. I'll tell you more tomorrow when I call cause I can't really remember a lot of stuff.  Our district is pretty sad I'm not DL anymore, but the new guy will do a great job.  Tonight for class we're having a sweet goodbye party.  But yeah. Til tomorrow!

-Elder Anderson