Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

I have been sick all week. Everyone in my district is coming down with a little bit of something.  But I'm finally starting to get a little better.  I don't really have anything big to announce except.... MY TRAVEL PLANS CAME THE OTHER DAY!!! I'm going to Colombia:) Lots of flights.. a 5 hour one to Detroit. Then a 2 hour to New York. Then a 6 1/2 to Colombia.  We have to leave January 8th at 4 in the morning.  Literally all day of traveling. That will be fantastic.  But anyways.  All my days blend together. So I'm not even sure what I have already told you. Oh yeah.. We got a new teacher this past week. He was our "investigator" that we have been teaching in Spanish.  He is such a cool dude and I will be learning lots from him. 

I don't get much mail from anyone so my P-days are really boring.  The other guys in my district are always writing all day so I have just slept alot today.  I did write Rachelle a pretty lengthy letter, but that didn't really take long.  So now I'm just doing laundry. But still super happy and excited to get out of here! The Spanish is coming along good, too.  Well I hope all is still well and I will talk to you later!!! LOVE YA
Oh yeah,. HAPPY NEW YEAR! We'll be partying it up with chips and salsa that some of the other Elders in my district got in the mail. We also got some cider:) So we'll party hard for about an hour before we have to go to bed at... 10:30. haha

- Elder Anderson