Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Hey Momma,

We all got a gift today! The gift of a e-mail home! So... This is the e-mail home! I see you don't really have any more questions for me so I'll just tell you how today has gone.  I'm still pretty super sick so I didn't sleep too well last night.  Then we woke up and had a delicious breakfast of cereal.  That was absolutely fantastic. Then I had a district leader meeting and then we had a little free time before lunch.  Lunch was really good and then we went to the devotional. Elder Russell M. Nelson was the speaker. He and his wife did such an amazing job with their topics.  I took good notes.  After that we had some more free time and then we walked to the temple.  That was good, too. Really cold though! Now were just e-mailing away in a room by our class and we have some more free time after this.  Things are still going good, but it's so different not being home! Its all good though.
Now I think it would be appropriate for me to bear my testimony in Spanish. Yo se que la iglesia es verdadero.  Yo se que profeta Thomas S. Monson es el profeta de Dios.  Yo se que El libro de Mormon es a verdadero libro de Dios.  Yo se que profeta Jose Smith Restaurado el iglesia en el ultimos dias.  Este testimonio ayuda a vivir feliz. Yo se que Jesucristo es el hijo de Dios.  Te amo! Asta luego!
Oh yeah... MERRY CHIRISTMAS!! FOR REALS THIS TIME!!! Ha I dont know why I keep forgettting to put that in my original e-mails but.... Yeah. Oh and thanks so much for the package!! Thanks for the letters! BRIAN AND TARA?!?! Come on!! But seriously. Thanks for everything. I love you guys and look forward to hearing from you again here shortly!!!
Oh yeah. And we get to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" tonight.  How fantastic...
-Elder Anderson