Monday, April 8, 2013

Awesome General Conference! (April 2013)

[This week I asked Kyle a LOT of questions.  We happened to be online at the same time, so we e-mailed back and forth.  These are all the answers.]
Momma!  How was your week?  How was conference?!  Temple in Cedar City!!!!  I'm for sure going there now!!  We didn't have any baptisms cause it was conference weekend. But we got three lined up for next week.  All of our investigators are doing super well.  We are focusing on the ones with dates though.  
Today we didn't do much for p-day.  Just bought lots of food to snack on and pretty much drew all day.  We buy what we will need for the next day.  It's just a lot more convenient to grab a couple eggs for the morning, I think, then just bread for dinner.  The stores are pretty much just like your basic grocery store.  Just a little smaller.  We have a lunch with a member everyday, which they usually like to give us lots to eat. TONS of Rice.  Ha!  I drew Joseph Smith and a cool name thing for Brian.  
There's just me and Elder Flores in our apartment.  Our apartment has two stories. Both about the size of the TV room downstairs. We have a sink and a fridge and a place to do laundry. We wash all the dishes by hand.  We have a microwave and . . . we have a shower and a toilet.  The water is freezing!!  WOOHOO! I have a picture I will send you . . . when I figure it out.
We usually have to wash our clothes by hand, but there is a lady in our ward who needs help money wise, so she washes them for us.  We pay her and she washes our clothes. 
We have a missionary credit card. We get money put on it every two weeks. We usually go to an ATM and get it all out at once and keep it at the house. 
We don't knock on the doors.  Everyone has gates with their front doors open.  So you just walk up and say, "BUENAS" and they come.  The people are always nice.  They really like talking, too.  We usually do street contacts though.  Well.  We find them in the street then later go to their houses.  I wish the members gave us referrals.  We keep telling them over and over again to give us some, but it never happens.  We have tons of appointments during the day so we are always walking to peoples houses. We have an hour a day set apart for only finding new investigators. During this hour, yes, we just stop people and get their information so we can visit another day.
A regular day is . . . wake up at 6:30.  Pray.  Exercise.  Eat some breakfast.  Shower. Personal study. Companionship study.  For the first 12 weeks of your mission there is a program you have to do.  We do that after comp study.  It's just kind of a getting started kind of deal.  Then we go to lunch.  Then go to all of our appointments for the day. At the end of the day we buy some stuff for dinner and breakfast.  Then we have a planning session for the next day and then we usually have about an hour to ourselves.  Sometimes we just go to bed cause were so tired.  But a lot of the time I eat and read my scriptures.  And then we go to bed and get to do it all over again the next day!  HA!
Speaking of which.  The other day we had divisions.  That's where me and Elder Flores split up and he goes with the district leader for a day and I go with the district leaders companion.  It's kinda interesting being in a different area for a day.  I was glad to be back with Elder Flores.  Ha!
I still haven't gotten your package yet. We usually don't get packages until zone conferences. Which are every 3 months. So it's probably sitting in the office waiting for me (I hope!) So I don't think it's lost forever.
But nothing to crazy happened this week.  Except for awesome GENERAL CONFERENCE!  We got a couple of our investigators to go.  I'm so glad we did.  It's like an instant testimony finder!  So we have a couple more baptisms, I think!  Conference was awesome, as you all know.  I was so so fortunate enough to watch it in English along with two other gringos in our zone and Patricia (my first convert!). It was awesome talking to her again.  Conference here is like stake conference. They all gather at the stake center and watch it in the big room.  It was awesome!!  In between sessions us Elders didn't really have much to do, so we just went to the store, bought some food, and chilled at the church.  HA!  But anyways.  Life is still good here! Hope all is well there and I love you all!!!

- Elder Anderson

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