Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Memorizing Scriptures in Spanish

That's awesome that you have been able to have the kids this past week [because of Jessica's sledding accident].  I bet that made you pretty happy.  I feel so bad for Jess.  She is in my prayers everyday and I hope she gets better super fast!

That's good you got to meet Brian's girl, too! Don't let him get married til I get home, though! 

I wish I could've seen Rachelle with her cheeks [she had her wisdom teeth taken out]! That's crazy awesome that she went [to the monthly Anderson family home evening]!! And also crazy awesome that she finally got my letter! Ha I got both of the ones she sent me.  And I have sent one to her every week so far.  So be expecting!

I'm excited to see how big my mission gets [because of the lower missionary ages].  Speaking of which.... They are cutting my CCM time short, so I am leaving for the mission field next Tuesday! We get to go out on the streets to practice teaching this week and then after that, so long!

Ha the whole time while I was going through the temple today I thought about how that's going to be you and Dad! HAHA Good luck with it! I understood a lot more today, though.  So spiritual as always! 

Lets see.  A couple more things that happened this week.  I've been memorizing scriptures in Spanish.  The first one I did was Joshua 1:9.  Dice: Mira que te mando que te esfuerces y seas valientes.  No temas ni desmayes porque Jehova tu Dios estar√° contigo donde quiera que vayas.  The next one I'm working on is in D y C.  I don't have it yet, so I won't try.  haha.

Some Elders a while back did stupid stuff with their cameras, so they took ours the first day we got here.  They also took our candy cause they have problems with rats and it's not allowed in the rooms.  I still have access to it though. It just got moved to the kitchen.  I'm sure they will give me my camera on my last day with enough time to take pictures with all my companions.  So I won't be able to send pictures for a while.  But anyways.  Yeah.
Everyone here has gotten sick but me.  Kinda crazy.  I don't really remember much that happened this past week.  I'm just excited to get out of here.  Teaching the "Investigators" is going good.  Spanish is coming along really well.  And..... YEAH! Much love to all of you!

- Elder Anderson