Monday, February 18, 2013

Pouring Rain!

Ya'll are so lucky!! Only having to wait six days to hear from me instead of a whole week?!?! HAHA. Cali is totally awesome! I have already had so many awesome experiences.  I'm glad you got the pictures [from the mission president's wife].  Is it just me or does it look like I'm going bald? My two companions are amazing!! I am so glad that I got to be with them first.  I am already learning so much. 

Let me tell you about my week now!  After we got to the office, we had some lunch.  Then about a three hour mini training.  Then my companions showed up and we got in the taxi and off we were to the apartment.  I dropped all my stuff off and changed then we hit the streets.  I was super tired, but it was awesome! We went and gave a sister a blessing in the ward and then off to teach another lesson to an investigator named Patricia.  She speaks English, so it wasn't too bad.  Then after her we had a mini-district meeting. We have three other sisters in this area.  They talk really fast and I had no idea what was going on.  But! We finally went home, ordered a pizza and called it a night.

A couple other stories.  I consecrated some oil for a blessing in Spanish on Sunday! And when we taught Patricia again last week, I taught the first part in Spanish!

Having lunch at members houses is interesting.  You would think that the members would be nice and talk slow for me.  BUT NO! They laugh and talk as fast as they can. Kinda harsh.  But its okay.  The bread here is so good.   I'm going to be so skinny when I get home! Elder Menendez said he has lost 30 pounds already.  Crazy.  My other Companion is going home next week.  It's a good thing that Elder Menendez speaks English.  Well . . . Mostly anyways.

But church was good! We are all over the place during it.  Barely have time to sit down and enjoy the meetings.  On Saturday we had a big ward party type deal.  It was so fun! Preparing for it was super long, but it was still fun!

After church, we went back to the apartment and then had to walk a pretty long ways for our lunch... IN THE POURING RAIN!!! I loved it!  I was probably getting annoying talking about how much I was enjoying it.  But anyways.  Lunch was good.  Had some fish, rice, and plancha.  I haven't really tried anything to weird yet, food wise.  Just a lot of rice and meat.  They like beats and onions here, too. Which I don't mind.

But after that we walked back and then went and visited more of the members.  If you say you don't know Spanish it is basically like saying, ¨Talk to me more, and more fast. Please."  Crazy.  But eventually we walked back home.  In the rain again.  Good way to end the day!

But anyways.  I think that's about all of the major things that happened! So until next week! Speaking of which.. You were right about the letters.  They are crazy expensive so I won't be able to write home, only e-mails.  :(


- Elder Anderson

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